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One has the feeling now and then that you actually think you are seeing the real Björn dashing across the stage with his guitar with glittery stars and the bearded Benny sitting at the piano. With Anni-Frid and Agnetha in skintight stretch attire and boots with platform soles the Swedish pop group doubles kindle a true fire Saturday with “Waterloo”, “Money, Money, Money” and “Knowing Me, Knowing You”. For another part of the audience the songs “Mamma Mia”, “Fernando”, “Chiquitita” or “Dancing Queen” bring back mostly memories. In the evening there are so many illuminated eyes to be seen that one wouldn’t have needed all the usual luminous sticks, lighters or mobile phone displays. The catchy melodies which also convey a type of life feeling, do not seem to have lost any of their popularity after three decades. And so the often cited spark from the stage also jumps back into the audience – and from the players into the spectator’s rows. Of course, it is primarily the songs of ABBA that animates one in the hall to join in to sing and dance. But the four main protagonists also have the vocal, musical and dancing format to be able to keep on going. And with their radiance they accentuate the true to the original costumes, hairstyles and movements.
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